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Our goal is to make you a better cook, using your kitchen, your equipment and your determination. After all, what's the use of taking a cooking class if you can't replicate your results in your own home.

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The Chefs of Ivy & Devine teach you the joys and pleasures of gourmet cooking in the comfort of your own home. We design our classes for aspiring chefs of all skill levels and teach them as one-on-one instruction or as an event for up to six people participating at once. From basic classes like Water Boiling 101 to complex offerings like Deconstruction Junction, we offer enough variety to suit every palate.

Browse our menus to see which classes might be right for you, and your friends. All the menus are the same price so let your taste for adventure be your guide!

Our classes  are perfect for small parties for your book or garden club and make excellent gifts for newlyweds. If your kids like to play with their food, we offer classes gear specifically for children where they can even make and decorate their own birthday cake.

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