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Ivy & Devine private cooking lessons are fun, instructive, and delicious. Enjoy your lessons in the comfort of your own home using your own equipment so what you learn can be easily repeated once the chef leaves. Choose the serious, one-on-one training or invite friends over for an evening of instructive fun. Our classes accommodate up to six participants and can be taught as a demonstration or as a hands-on experience. The lessons last about two hours and your chef will need about an hour of preparation time in your home prior to the lesson. Be sure to schedule enough time to enjoy the fruits of your labor after the lesson!

Choose one of several themed menus, all of which (even the most difficult) can be taught to cooks of every skill level. Your chef is available for consultation prior to your lesson to help you decide on a menu that you will be most comfortable tackling.

Each lesson is $350 per menu, which includes the cost of food and printed recipes. Extra dishes can be added for a price that varies according to the ingredients and the extra time. If your kitchen can accommodate more than six people, additional participants can join the lesson for $60 each. Prices do not include wine, beer, alcohol or gratuity.

Now what?

So, you’ve picked out a menu that suits your taste and complements either your level of skill or thirst for adventure. How does all of this work? Just call or email us to schedule a date and time. Remember that a gift of cooking lessons is a great gift that lasts a lifetime! Request our personalized gift certificate. The recipient can pick the menu and call us to schedule the lesson. We accept cash and personal checks.

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